One Way Out "10th Anniversary" Vinyl - LIMITED EDITION - ONLY 50 COPIES (BLACK VINYL 180g)


Our first album turns 10 years old!
Let's celebrate this fantastic event by grabbing a copy of One Way Out "10th Anniversary" Vinyl - LIMITED EDITION!
It also includes an exclusive booklet!

LIMITED TO 50 COPIES (every copy will be numbered). Don't miss the chance to add it to your personal collection! 

(Please NOTE: the pic is just a render. The final product may look different)


Side A

  1. Calliope
  2. Elements Dance
  3. Nobody
  4. A Starless Night
  5. Redemption I - Rainy
  6. Redemption II – Reflection

Side B

  1. Redemption III - Far Away
  2. Embrace
  3. Journey
  4. Back To The Hell
  5. This Funny Dangerous Game
This product is handled directly by Ravenscry.