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 The Story:

The Invisible is our first concept album and it talks about a young library assistant, Coral, who lives and works in a small town in Colorado; but she is not born there, she grew up in an orphanage. Coral spends all her day between books and archives, which is probably because it is her passion, but also because she is not that great in communicating with other people. One day she finds a book with a peculiar picture, which reminds her of distant memories. From this moment on her life changes, because she starts a journey, inside and outside herself, without knowing where this will bring her and without knowing what she will find at the end of it. A risky trip, which could lead to nothing… or to everything.


1. The Entanglement
2. Whispered Intro
3. Hypermnesia
4. Coral (as seen by others)
The librarian talks about Coral
5. The Mission
6. Monsters Inside
The director of the institute talks about Coral
7. The Invisible Revolution
8. The teacher talks about Coral part 1
9. The Deepest Lake
10. The grandmother talks about Coral
11. More Than Anything
12. The teacher talks about Coral part 2
13. Nothing But A Shade
14. Nora talks about Martin
15. Oscillation
16. In Collision
17. The Magic Circle
Martin talks with Coral part 1
18. Flux Density
19. Overload
  Martin talks with Coral part 2

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